Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Some of our services have temporarily stopped or changed. See service statuses and other information on COVID-19

Crisis Hub rules

Canterbury City Council’s Crisis Hub is a temporary service which has been set up to help people during the coronavirus pandemic.

It is important for those using the service to understand how we will help them and the rules the council has put in place to make sure everyone is treated fairly. This is sometimes known as a fair usage policy.

About you

To qualify for help such as a food parcel delivery or us collecting your prescription and delivering it to you, you must be aged 18 and over,  live in the district and are following the government advice to self isolate or shield because of your age, health condition or other circumstance that means you are in the Covid-19 high-risk category.

Payments and donations

Help from the Crisis Hub is free but if you normally pay for your prescriptions, you will need to pay your pharmacist in advance.

You have the option to make a donation to support the cost of running this service via our website. All of the money raised will be used to support the work of the hub.

No cash payments or donations will be requested or accepted by any of our delivery staff or volunteers.

Food parcels

Our basic food parcels have been designed to last seven days and only one delivery per week can be made per household. 

Please make sure you let us know the number of people living at your address when you are making your request. 

Delivering your parcels and prescriptions

We try our best to deliver within the delivery slot or at the time we have indicated to you but we cannot promise.

We will not accept liability if we deliver at a different time or do not deliver all or any of the goods you requested.

We cannot promise that we will be able to help with any special requests but will do our very best especially when they are because of a medical need.

Our unpaid volunteer delivery drivers will do their best to deliver your parcel to your front door but it may not always be possible for a number of reasons including:

  • where the driver believes they are at risk of injury
  • where the driver believes it is unsafe to approach the property

In these circumstances we will contact you to let you know your delivery has been unsuccessful and returned to our food hub. 

Please note that all deliveries are made with appropriate social distancing in mind. Our delivery drivers will stay at least 2m away from you.

Missed deliveries

Missed deliveries should be incredibly rare as everyone, especially those who the government has asked to shield themselves or who are self isolating in line with the guidelines, should be in when we call.

If we attempt to deliver your parcel and you do not answer the door, we will phone you to check you are safe.

If we cannot reach you, we reserve the right to pass your details on to the necessary authorities such as the police or ambulance service to ensure your safety.

Please make us aware if you no longer need a delivery because of a change to your circumstances such as no longer needing to self isolate

If you have not indicated an alternative safe place or preferred location for our volunteer drivers to leave your parcel, we will take it with us.

Proving who we are

All of our volunteer drivers will have a form of photo ID and an accompanying letter from Canterbury City Council. This can be shown to you on request.

Dietary requirements and allergies

When asking for a food parcel, please let us know if you have any special dietary requirements or allergies. You are responsible for checking you can eat the food we deliver which you accept at your own risk.

Your behaviour

If we encounter abusive or violent behaviour, we could withdraw this service to individuals and may report it to the police.

Other types of behaviour might be considered under our Customer behaviour and incident policy.