Give us your views on the draft Local Plan

We have prepared a draft Local Plan for the district and want to know what you think - give us your views on the draft Local Plan and supporting strategies.

Grants for community organisations

Councillors opportunities fund

Councillors can award up to £1000 to a community group or organisation for a one-off project. It must help make the district a better place to live by improving social or environmental wellbeing.

Apply for the opportunities fund

You should contact a councillor (it doesn't have to be your ward councillor) with details of your project. If they decide to award funding, they will check your group or organisation is eligible and agree an amount. 

You will then be asked to complete an online application, which will ask you to confirm the project information and give bank details for the funding to be paid to. No funding will be paid to an individual.

The information you give (excluding the organisation's bank details) will be sent to the relevant councillor(s) to confirm the award and amount, before a BACS payment is processed by our finance team.