Documents published since hearing sessions held 26 July 2015

CDLP 5.8 Housing Land Supply position statement Canterbury City Council Jan 2016

CDLP 16.29.3 Response to Inspector letter 10.08.15

CDLP 16.29.4 Response letter to the CCC letter 07.09.2015.

CDLP 16.29.5 council's response to Inspector's letter dated 14/09/1

CDLP 16.29.7 Inspector's letter and note 10.08.15

CDLP 16.29.8Transcript of Policy & Rescources Committee Local Plan item 11-11-15 

CDLP 16.29.9 letter to Gov Housing Minister Nov 2015

CDLP 16.48 Porta Planning Green Gap Analysis Map 

CDLP 16.49 G.Cox letter and map 

CDLP 16.50 KCC H&T Response to Bancroft Consulting Transport & Traffic Appraisal - Greenhill Allocation

CDLP 16.51 ACRA opinion on the council 

CDLP 16.52 J D I Baker Response to CCC's Report to Full Council Meeting on 230715 regarding The Local Development Scheme

CDLP 16.53 Mr M Jagger representing Harbledown & Rough Common Parish Council

CDLP 16.55 Mr G Meaden Problems with the traffic modelling - for Press 28.07.15

CDLP 16.56 Courtley Consultants Ltd (on behalf Devine Homes) response to Petition  CCC Examination  

CDLP 16.57 Statement of Community Involvement Barton Wilmore (on behalf of Devine Homes)

CDLP 16.58  J D I Baker Erratum and Update to Statement on Matter 5 for Hearing on 28 July 2015

CDLP 16.60 Mr A Bartlett Barracks Link Road - question 5 (I)(v)

CDLP 16.61 Herne & Broomfield Parish Council

CDLP 16.62 DTC Remarks by Reverend Paul Wilson

CDLP 16.64 Request for Extension of Consultation Period Corres between RevPW & AV July'14

CDLP 16.65 CCC response to consultation and availability of documents

CDLP 16.66 Consultation document list

CDLP 16.67 DTC Note 31.07.15

CDLP 16.68 LDS Note 31 7 15

CDLP 16.69 Letter Office Rail Reg2

CDLP 16.70 Reply from Rail Regulator Office Aug 15

CDLP 16.71 Sustainability Appraisal and consideration of HRA

CDLP 16.72 Letter from the Inspector to the council following the first stage of the hearing 

CDLP 16.73  Note to Inspectors letter from hearing sessions Aug-15

CDLP 18.1 Proposed amendments November 2015 Report

CDLP 18.2 SA Report Addendum (FINAL) 26 11 15 latest

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