What is the Local Plan?

The Local Plan is the blueprint for how the district will develop in the years ahead. It sets out how many houses we need, the jobs and employment opportunities that come with them and the infrastructure such as roads, schools and medical facilities that are required.

It is important to have a plan in place so that planning applications and appeals can be considered against local policies.

The plan must be based on evidence from a number of studies covering a wide range of subjects and take account of national policy.

Preparing a Local Plan is a complex process which can take several years. We must consult extensively with local residents and organisations and take into account the results of research we have carried out, such as our residents’ survey, the developments requirement study and public opinion work by Ipsos MORI on our behalf.

The draft plan has to be considered by an independent Inspector (appointed by the government) before it can be adopted, to ensure that it responds properly to the evidence available in a way that is reasonable and deliverable.

We know Canterbury is a popular district that has been growing in recent years. More and more people want to live and work here and enjoy the best that the district has to offer.

Our aim is to build on that success and plan for a district in 2031 that has a strong local economy that supports a wide range of businesses and job opportunities, excellent local facilities and experiences and our very special natural and built heritage.

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