Leased memorials

As an additional or alternative method of commemorating a friend or loved one, we are pleased to offer the following memorials for lease. We've also published a full list of prices and details for these, and for all the other cemetery services we provide.

Canterbury, Herne Bay and Whitstable Cemeteries

  • Memorial seat including bronze finish plaque
  • Bronze finish plaque on an existing memorial seat
  • Tree dedication
  • Perennial grave planting scheme
  • Ornamental shrub planting
  • Grave levelling and turfing 

Canterbury Cemetery only

  • Rustic oak memorial seat in section H
  • Book of remembrance 
  • Remembrance posy vase
  • Leather commemorative panels 

Herne Bay Cemetery only

  • Memorial vase
  • Balmoral flower vase
  • Remembrance posy vase
  • Book of remembrance
  • Memorial plaques
  • The Herne bench at Herne Meadow
  • Rustic oak memorial seat in the Woodland Glade

Whitstable Cemetery only

  • Columbaria vault (niches for four sets of cremated remains)
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