Community governance review

A community governance review is the opportunity for us to look at whether the current parish council arrangements are working in the best possible way.

The review will look at how residents can influence decisions and participate in local democracy and will consider if all parts of the district have the most suitable governance arrangements.

We currently deliver most of the services to the district but some are delivered by parish councils. These parish councils mainly cover the rural areas with large parts of Canterbury, Herne Bay and Whitstable not covered by a town or parish council.

The community governance review could consider questions such as:

  • Is there anything that could be done to deliver local services in Canterbury, Whitstable and Herne Bay in a more effective and convenient way?

  • Should an unparished area have a parish/town council created?

  • Should the number of parish councillors on an existing parish council be changed?

  • Should a parish council boundary be altered to better reflect the community?

Below is an indicative timetable:

June to July 2017 Ideas are gathered to seek early views to inform the submissions phase.
July 2017 Full Council agrees the Terms of Reference to formally start the review.
July - October 2017 Stage 1 - engagement with the public and stakeholders takes place, testing a opinions on a range of options and giving an opportunity to put forward alternative options for consideration.
November 2017 February 2018  Stage 2 - submissions are considered and draft recommendations are prepared.
April - June 2018 Stage 3 - draft recommendations are published and consulted on.
July - August 2018  Stage 4 - the results of the consultation are considered and final recommendations are drawn up.
September 2018 Full Council agrees the final recommendations.

This is the very first stage of ideas gathering, and is an opportunity for your views to help shape the first stage of formal consultation, which will begin in July once councillors have agreed the terms of reference for the review.  It's also an opportunity for you to make us aware of any issues you think we need to consider before the review formally begins.

Have your say by taking part in our survey, which closes on Friday 14 July.

Find out more about the possible options and our frequently asked questions. 

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