We welcome petitions as a way in which you can let your concerns be known. Our definition of a petition is 'a formal written request signed by a number of people appealing in this case to a local authority for some action in respect of a particular cause'. We treat any communication sent to us with a minimum of 15 signatures as a petition. 


Click here to view all live e-petitions registered on our website.  You can use this link to add your name to an existing petition or to register a new one.

If you wish to submit an e-petition on the council website there are various guidelines that apply. Please note that under the present scheme we cannot accept e-petitions that relate to the grant of a licence or planning permission.

Paper petition

You can run a paper petition instead of, or alongside, an e-petition.  You can create your own or use this template.  Please note that all signatories must include their name and a valid address and postcode. The council's petitions scheme (see p142 of the constitution includes further information and guidance on submitting a petition.

Records of petitions we have received

Records of all petitions received and the action taken are made available on our website. To view these records please click on the relevant link below:

Consideration of the petition

Ordinary petitions, which have more than 15 signatories will be dealt with by the appropriate Assistant Director under delegated powers or reported to the next convenient meeting of the council or committee which has the power to take a decision on the matter.

To prompt a debate at Full Council (the meeting of all Members)

The number of signatories required to prompt a debate at council is 3000.  Petitions exceeding the amount for a debate at council will be reported to the next convenient meeting of council, with the exception of the Annual meeting or Extraordinary Meetings of council, which are not convened to consider the subject matter of the petition.

To request the presence of an officer at the next available meeting of the appropriate committee

The number of signatories required to request the presence of an officer and lead councillor to account at committee is 1500. Such petitions will be reported to the next convenient meeting of the relevant committee or if the matter is urgent, to an Urgency Sub-Committee.  The authority has determined that such petitions must relate to the Chief Executive, a Director or an Assistant Director of the authority.  

In advance of the meeting, the petition organiser will be invited to submit a list of questions to put to the officer at the meeting. These questions will be provided to the Chairman of the committee, who will decide whether they are appropriate, and to the officer concerned, in advance of the meeting.  

For further information about the petitions scheme and e-petitions, please contact Matthew Archer, Head of Democratic Services, on 01227 862 175.

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