About your council

Welcome to Canterbury City Council. You'll find our main offices in Military Road, Canterbury. 

We provide a wide range of services for our residents. You might like to watch our video for a snapshot of a typical day.

Council policy is decided by our councillors, in accordance with our constitution. There are currently 39 councillors in total, Since May 2015 the council has operated a Committee model of governance. You can find out more about our committees by viewing our guide to committees or by visiting our webpage

Increasingly, our work is delivered in partnership with others. We have shared service arrangements with our neighbours in Dover and Thanet to run our contact centre, ICT and revenues and benefits services. Housing services are delivered by East Kent Housing on our behalf.  

Services such as leisure centres and waste collection are carried out by external providers on our behalf. We manage the contract arrangements and work closely with the provider to ensure they meet the required performance standards.  As customers, you may find you deal with them directly about the services they provide.

We collect council tax on behalf of Kent County Council, Kent Police and Kent Fire and Rescue, who operate independently from us.  

We work in partnership with the police and fire and rescue service to provide services such as the Community Safety Unit, who deal with anti-social behaviour and crime prevention.

In rural areas, parish councils deal with particular issues relating to their locality. Parish clerks can be contacted for further information.

Education, highways, social services and libraries fall under the responsibility of Kent County Council.

A - Z of council services