What do the city councillors do?

Councillors are elected by local residents to represent them in making decisions about how the district is governed. To provide high quality services and spend public money wisely, councillors have to take tough decisions.

Decision making

Councillors meet as committees to take a whole range of decisions. They must decide which services to concentrate on, how much to spend, where to spend more or less money, and what to do about important issues which affect the district. As well as these sorts of policy decisions they must make decisions on things like planning and licensing applications.

Local involvement

Each councillor is a member of one of our Area Member Panels. We have a panel for each of our local towns, CanterburyHerne Bay and Whitstable, and for the rural area. These panels allow discussions about issues these parts of the district.

In addition, councillors also work on behalf of their constituents in the areas they serve. The district is divided into a number of smaller areas, called wards. Each ward has one, two or three councillors to represent the people who live there.

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