Local economy policy

The Culture and Enterprise Policy Suite 2011 - 2016 is what sets out the local economy policy.

The current strategy sets out where the council will deploy its resources and activity to best deliver economic development and business growth up to 2016.

The policy commits the council to work on the following key priorities:

  • Ensuring Canterbury district has a strong presence in the Kent region; 
  • Helping to equip the district with the conditions needed for it to capitalise on an economic upturn; 
  • Maintaining a vibrant and prosperous city centre and coastal towns; and  
  • Enhancing the competitiveness of the district's rural businesses. 
The council and its business partners (e.g. C4B) will also seek to formulate a new economic strategy for Canterbury district in 2014 which will assemble the area’s main economic priorities and identify where key interventions will be made.  This document will aim to complement the new development plan (i.e. Local Plan) for the district and a draft will be uploaded on to the council’s website when available. 
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