Local government association - peer challenge

To help support the council’s leadership and drive to meet future challenges, we undertook a peer challenge delivered by the Local Government Association (LGA).

The peer challenge considered core areas of assessment such as; readiness for change, political and managerial leadership and corporate strategy as well as local factors, such as the delivery against council priorities and the approach to consulting local people and stakeholders.

The review examined the council’s key policies and strategies and took evidence from Members, officers and partners. The findings have been brought together in a report that sets out our achievements together with an assessment of the council’s prospects for improvement and development.

The report

In summary, the peer challenge endorsed our ambitious approach and found our plans were informed by good knowledge of what local people want. Partnership working was also noted as strength, as was the commitment of staff and leadership by councillors. The team noted our plans to change and develop in the coming years and it's measure to meet the financial challenges it faces.

The peer challenge made recommendations around prioritising of corporate objectives in the medium term, the management of change and the move to online service delivery. The report also considers improvements to the relationship with shared services, together with the development of more central expertise to manage the council’s approach to areas such as communications and procurement.

Read the peer challenge report: Canterbury City Council – Peer Challenge final report.

Read our strategic approach to address the issues identified and take us forward: Canterbury – to 2015 and Beyond.

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