Documents you need for a housing benefit or council tax support claim

See what documents you need to support your housing benefit or council tax support claim.

Most of the evidence and information we need for your claim can be verified through other sources (for example, HMRC and the DWP).

In some cases, you might need to give us more evidence to help complete your claim faster. The claim form will tell you when this is the case but you can see some examples below and the documents you'll need.

Examples of when we need evidence for a claim
Example What you need to give us
You or your partner haven't claimed housing benefit or council tax support from us before Proof of your identity and your National Insurance number
You or your partner pay into a salary sacrifice scheme from your wages, or you get a bonus or commission Your two latest payslips and written confirmation on what the scheme is for or how often you get the bonus or commission
You or your partner are self-employed Complete the self-employed income form or give us a copy of your latest accounts
You live in supported accommodation Your full tenancy agreement with information from your landlord about the support you get and who gives it to you
There are other adults living in your home (not your partner) Proof of their income, like payslips 
You pay for childcare Download a childcare certificate form:

and ask your childcare provider to complete and return it

You are working age and have over £5,500 in savings, or you are pension age and have over £9,500 in savings and investments (including ISAs, stocks and shares, and so on) Latest statements for all accounts you and your partner have
You or your partner own another home Download and return an LA1 housing form: 

An adult living in your home is a student Download and return a student information form: 

and give evidence of their student finance