Help with housing costs

Get help paying your rent or mortgage, or help heating your home.

GOV.UK's Help for Households campaign has advice and support on lots of household costs, including bills, childcare, and benefits.

Organisations that can help you

Help with homelessness

If you're homeless or at risk of being homeless we can give you help or advice. You need to complete a quick online assessment first.

Get help if you're homeless or at risk of losing your home

Help paying your rent or mortgage

You should speak to your landlord or mortgage lender first if you can't pay your housing costs. If you're a council tenant you should contact our housing team.

GOV.UK have advice on help towards mortgage interest payments or you can speak to Canterbury Housing Advice Centre.

You might be able to get housing benefit if you're on a low income.

If you're claiming housing benefit or Universal Credit and need more help with housing costs, you can apply for a Discretionary Housing Payment (DHP). This is a one-off payment for help with rent or a rent deposit. 

Cost of living payments

If you're getting a means tested benefit - like Universal Credit for example - you'll get a cost of living payment between spring 2023 and spring 2024. 

How much you get and when depends on the type of benefit you get. You don't need to apply for the payment, it will be paid to you automatically.

Find out more about cost of living payments

Winter fuel payments

Anyone that normally gets the winter fuel payment for pensioners will get an extra one off-payment of between £150 and £300 in winter 2023 and 2024. This will be paid automatically.

Find out more about winter fuel payments