Cost of council services 2023/24

See how much council services cost to run for 2023 to 2024.

The net budget requirement for 2023/24 is estimated at £20,722,000 an increase of £1,917,000 (10%), on last year’s budget. 68% will be funded by NNDR and government grants as shown in the budget summary table.

The council has achieved a balanced budget, whilst ensuring council tax rises are kept to a minimum.

Service costs breakdown

Cost of council services 2023/2024
Service Gross expenditure Total income Net cost 23/24 Net cost 22/23
General fund £105,140,000 (£84,418,000) £20,722,000 £18,805,000
Housing revenue account £28,513,000 (£28,674,000) (£250,000) £920,000