Business opportunities and contracts

Find out how to register to do business with us, how we pay suppliers, and see current contracts.

If your organisation is interested in doing business with us, you need to register with the Kent Business Portal.

All our tenders over £10,000 are advertised on the site. It's free to register and you'll get email notifications of new opportunities. 

Register with Kent Business Portal

Contracts above EU limits will be advertised at Find a Tender.

For contracts under £10,000 and other small goods and services, we use existing suppliers or identify relevant companies.

All tenders must meet certain regulations and we make decisions based on a number of factors.

EU contract limits

Contracts above a certain financial limit are ruled by European procurement directives. The current limits are:

  • £181,302 for supplies
  • £181,302 for services
  • £4,551,413 for work

Paying suppliers

We will pay suppliers within 30 days from the date we receive the invoice or the date the work or service is delivered, unless stated otherwise.

Small local suppliers (known as SMEs) will be paid within seven days.

All payments are made via BACS.