Our Levelling Up fund bid

How much Levelling Up money we've been given and what we'll use it for.

In January 2023 we were awarded £19.9m for our Levelling Up fund bid, Connected Canterbury: Unlocking the Tales of England.

We plan to transform Canterbury’s public spaces and heritage to a standard that reflects its status as an international visitor destination and World Heritage Site.

The bid had to support certain themes set out by the government. 

The themes

Regeneration and town centre investment

Canterbury has a historic city centre that is a major tourist attraction. However, like many city centres, it has faced challenges in recent years, including the impact of COVID-19 on businesses and the decline of the high street.

We will use some of the money to support regeneration projects that improve the city centre's attractiveness, welcome visitors, and boost its economy.

There are two project strands under this theme:

  • Creating a green arrival experience - we will improve areas visitors see when they arrive in our city, as well as upgrading spaces like the bus station to include electric vehicle charging and cycle hire.
  • Connecting our heritage - we will create 'story gardens' that use innovative technology to tell the story of Canterbury as part of England's history. New trails and cycling routes will be signposted to connect people to our heritage sites.

Cultural investment

Canterbury has a rich cultural and heritage offering, including the Norman Castle, city wall, and other historic sites.

We will use some of the money to protect these sites, reveal their historical significance, and promote tourism.

There is one project strand under this theme:

  • Transforming heritage assets and spaces - we will protect and repair historic and underused sites in the city.

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How much money we'll spend

The total budget for the project work is £22,685,264.

This includes the £19,905,911 awarded to us from the government and £2,779,353 that we are match funding.

  • Transforming heritage assets and spaces will cost £7,110,338.
  • Creating a green arrival experience will cost £6,134,438.
  • Connecting our heritage will cost £9,440,487.

Read our fund bid in full (PDF, 580.65 KB)