Report graffiti

Find out how to report graffiti on your home or business.

We will remove graffiti from your home free of charge up to four times a year. If the graffiti is on your business we will remove it for free up to two times a year. You should also tell us about graffiti on:

  • play areas
  • public toilets and
  • council property.

Before you do please check the map above to see if we're already aware of it. Our form lets you attach photos of the graffiti, and you can use location settings on your mobile device or drop a pin on a map to tell us exactly where it is. It takes just a couple of minutes.

Report graffiti

If you see someone doing graffiti you should call 999 and report it as a crime in progress. 

We offer a £500 reward for information that helps us to identify a graffiti vandal. Use our graffiti toolkit to find out more about the reward scheme and graffiti removal and prevention.