Report a noise, smoke or smell problem

You can report any ongoing issues with smoke, noise or smells using our online form.

If you're experiencing recurring problems with noise, smell or smoke you can report it to us.

This can include:

  • loud music
  • dogs barking
  • shouting
  • alarms
  • bonfire or chimney smoke
  • drainage

We don't provide an out-of-hours service for one-off problems, such as loud parties.

Before reporting a problem to us, you should try and resolve the issue by speaking or writing to your neighbour.

We cannot accept anonymous complaints and you must be able to tell us where the noise or smell is coming from before we can investigate, as we might take enforcement action.

Report a noise, smoke or smell problem

What happens after you make a complaint

We'll ask you to keep diary sheets with dates and times for three weeks and send them to us. 

We'll then decide if we need more evidence before taking any action. 

See the full noise complaints procedure