Apply for council housing

Register with Kent Homechoice to see if you're eligible for council housing.

We manage the allocation of council housing to make sure accommodation is available to people most in need. 

Before you can bid on council homes, you need to complete an assessment. If you're eligible, you can then make a full application for housing.

You can read more about how we allocate homes and decide who's eligible through our housing allocations policy.

If you are homeless or about to be homeless, please complete our homelessness pre-assessment form instead.

Register with Kent Homechoice

If you have an old Kent Homechoice account

When you first access the new Kent Homechoice website, you need to create an account that will link to your old one.

Follow these steps to get them linked:

1. Choose 'Create an account' on the homepage.

2. Fill in all of your personal details exactly as they were listed on your old account. This is so the system can match them and it won't create a duplicate record for you.

It will ask you to create a password, and this does not need to be the same as your old one.

3. Click 'Create an account' to activate your record in the system. 

4. You'll be emailed a link to verify it's you. 

You can then log into your account as you would normally to check your housing application status.