East Cliff beach huts for sale

If you are interested in buying a beach hut, you can let us know.

Apply for a beach hut

There are currently 23 beach huts available to buy.

Information on the huts can be found in the beach hut brochure below:

If you are interested in buying a beach hut, you need to send your offer to beachhuts@canterbury.gov.uk.

You should include which numbered beach hut you are interested in from 1 to 23 that are highlighted in the site plan in the beach hut brochure.

How much beach hut fees are

Each beach hut has a site fee of £1045.01 per year. Beach huts are eligible for business rates as they are classed as non domestic properties. You will receive this invoice separately.

If you do not pay business rates in your name anywhere else, then you should complete the Small business rates relief (SBRR) form once you own the hut. This currently gives you 100% relief.

Subletting your beach hut

If you want to sublet your beach hut, you will have to ask permission from us and we will issue a separate tenancy agreement for this. The cost is £1045.01, which is 100% of the annual site fee.

How the tenancy agreement works

The 678 privately owned beach huts on council land have a tenancy agreement with us, and we act as their landlord. The annual rent is paid to us for the site where the beach hut sits.

The beach hut tenancy is rolled over each year until notice is given to end it. As the owner, it's your responsibility to maintain public liability insurance and keep the beach hut in good order.

You can sell your beach hut or transfer to a new owner if you want to. You can also assign the tenancy for an assignment administration fee. This means that the new owner has the same tenancy rights to be on the site.