Apply for a licence to breed dogs

Find out how to apply for a licence to breed dogs and the documents you need.

If your business breeds and sells dogs, either from a commercial property or from your home then you will need a dog breeding licence.

You'll need to pay a non-refundable fee of £151.25 to apply and a further £187.55 if the licence is granted. You'll also be responsible for paying any vets fees.

As part of your application you'll need to submit copies of the following:

  • plan of the premises
  • operating procedures
  • insurance policy
  • risk assessments (including fire)
  • qualification and training records
  • infection control procedure

You'll need to return your form and supporting documents to You can also email the team if you have any questions before applying.

To pay the application fee you can:

  • call 01227 862 427 to make a phone payment
  • send a cheque made payable to Canterbury City Council

Apply for a dog breeding licence

Licences are valid for one to three years, based on a risk rating we award each licence holder.

Granted dog breeding licences

Granted dog breeding licences
Licensee Postcode area Contact numbers Licensed for breeds Star rating
Debra Hopkins CT4 07988709532 Briard, Golden Retriever, Jack Russell 3
Sue Fox CT2 07985407579 Golden Retrievers, Golden Doodles, Standard Poodles 3
Frances Mount CT4 07885800843 Labradors 3
Maria Hare CT4 07765676546 Jack Russell, Cocker Spaniel, Cockapoo, German Shepherd 3
Harveywood Dachshunds CT6 07736517719 Dachshund 3
Libby Norman CT6 07901865110 Dachshund, Miniature Schnauzer 3
Cara Kemp CT4 07805343970 Labrador, Springer Spaniel 3
Gucci Bulldogs CT6 07921837644 French and English Bulldogs 3