Apply for a licence to hire out horses for riding lessons

Find out how to apply for a horse premises licence and the documents you need.

You will need a licence if you keep horses and plan to hire them out for riding or lessons.

You'll need to pay a non-refundable fee of £139.15 to apply and a further £217.80 if the licence is granted. You'll also be responsible for any vets fees.

As part of your application you'll need to submit copies of the following:

  • plan of the premises
  • operating procedures
  • insurance policy
  • risk assessments (including fire)
  • qualification and training records
  • infection control procedure

You'll need to return your form and supporting documents to You can also email the team if you have any questions before applying.

To pay the application fee you can:

  • call 01227 862 427 to make a phone payment
  • send a cheque made payable to Canterbury City Council

Apply for a horse riding licence

Licences are valid for one to three years, based on a risk rating we award each licence holder.

Granted horse riding licences

Granted horse riding licences
Premises and licensee Postcode area Contact details Licensed for Star rating
Kent College (Ms C Shaw) CT2 7 horses 3
Mannix Equestrian Centre (Mrs J Goddard) CT4 7 horses 3
Bursted Hills Stables Ltd (Ms R Tombs) CT4 16 horses 3
Barton Field Farm Equestrian Centre (Ms N Brown) CT3 17 horses 5
Trenley Park (Mr A Paine) CT3 17 5