Challenge a parking fine

You can challenge a parking fine if you think it has been issued unfairly.

Challenges that won't be accepted include: 

  • fines that have already been paid
  • leaving your vehicle to get money to pay for parking
  • parking outside a marked bay 
  • not displaying the correct permit for the space in a car park 
  • parking in a bay meant for others
  • overstaying the time you have paid for (a 10 minute grace period is given)
  • forgetting to set the clock for Blue Badge parking
  • parking on double yellow lines, even for a minute (does not apply to Blue Badge holders)
  • parking on no loading markings (this applies to all vehicles including Blue Badge holders)

If someone else is using your vehicle and parks illegally, it is your responsibility to pay the fine as the vehicle owner.

Challenge a parking fine

We will reply to your challenge within six weeks. If you haven't had an email after this time, please check your junk or spam folders before contacting us.