Ask for a local land charges search

See the different types of land charges search and how to apply.

If you're thinking about buying or leasing a property or a plot of land, we recommend you request a local land charges search first. The search will tell you what you need to be aware of before going ahead. This may include: 

  • restrictions on use or preservation orders
  • planning applications that may affect the property or land
  • whether the property or land has received any grants which could be repayable
  • road information or potential new road schemes which may influence the decision to buy

Search fees

Local land charge search fees
Search type Fee
LLC1 searches include information on enforcement notices, tree preservation orders, conditional planning permissions and smoke control areas £35
CON29R searches include information on planning and building control decisions, nearby road works, and any outstanding notices £149 including VAT
CON29 optional questions include information on minerals, hazardous substances, flooding and drainage, common land, towns and village greens £13.62 to £20.40 each including VAT
Full standard searches include all the information from LLC1 and CON29 £184
Additional questions if what you want to know isn't listed £20.40 each including VAT

Ask for a local land charges search

You cannot ask for a personal search at the moment.

Other ways to search local land charges

You can search records through the National Land Information Service (NLIS). You can access the service using a licensed organisation: