New Local Plan 2040

Strategic land availability assessment

We are currently working on a new Local Plan for our district, which will set the blueprint up until  2040. The new Local Plan will earmark sites for specific uses including homes, jobs and open space.

Call for sites

We carried out two calls for sites, one last year and one over the summer, in which we invited anyone (including community groups and landowners) to put forward sites they would like to see included in the new Local Plan. 

We've had 271 suggestions; mainly from landowners promoting their sites for housing, as well as sites put forward for employment use, and some sites put forward by parish councils and community groups for community uses. 

These will go through a technical assessment before they are considered for potential inclusion in the Local Plan.

What to do if you submitted a site

If you submitted a site we will be in touch with you if we need any further information, otherwise there is nothing you need to do at this point. 

See the submitted sites on a map

What happens next

All sites put forward will undergo a technical assessment to check whether or not they are suitable and deliverable and as such could be considered by the councillors for inclusion. It is important to stress that the sites that are put forward, mostly by landowners, will not necessarily make their way into the new plan.

An assessment document (known as a Strategic Land Availability Assessment (SLAA)) will be produced and used as evidence to help us make a decision on which sites should be included.

The draft Local Plan (including the sites) will go out for public consultation in 2022 to hear everyone's views before it is examined by an inspector and a final decision is made.