Local Plan consultations

View evidence, consultation documents, and feedback that supports the Local Plan 2045.

Draft Canterbury district Local Plan 2020 to 2045

The Draft Local Plan consultation closed on Monday 16 January (2023).

You might want to view the draft Local Plan or the supporting evidence.

We'll look at all the responses we had and update this page with any new information.

Draft district vision and Local Plan options

Between June and August 2021 we consulted on the vision for the future of the district and options for growth and development.

You might want to see the consultation documents or a summary of the responses in the appendices of the document:

Our future district to 2040 - consultation outcomes

The Local Plan consultation on the issues facing the district closed on 30 September 2020. You can download and read through these documents:

View the local plan consultation documents

We received over 9000 comments from 445 responses. We also held a number of conferences. You can download and see these responses: