Find out if you need planning permission

See planning constraints on your property before you change or build something.

Before you start any building work or make any changes to your property you must check if you need planning permission.

Your project can be affected by two types of constraints. These are:

  • national guidance on what is allowed, known as permitted development rights
  • local constraints, including whether your property is in an area that we have restricted development on

Flats and maisonettes don't have any permitted development rights, so if you plan to change the outside appearance of a flat you'll need planning permission.

To check your property, just enter your postcode and answer some questions about what you want to do. Our service will then tell you if you are likely to need permission and what to do next.

This is a new tool designed for household developments. It's currently in beta and can only give you guidance based on your answers. It is not an official planning decision or legal advice at this stage. 

Find out if you need planning permission

Get step-by-step guidance

You can get step-by-step guidance for your property; including what documents you might need and how to apply for permission, using our postcode lookup:  

Get step-by-step planning guidance