Register a new property or address

Find out how to register a new property or address and how much it costs.

You will need to register a new address with us if you are: 

  • building a new house or business premises
  • converting a residential or business premises that will create a new address

You will also need to register any new street names with us.

You should do this once you have planning permission for the work you are doing.

If the new address is not registered then utility companies will not install services at your property and you might have problems getting mail and other services.

Registration fees

New address registration fees
Change to property or street Fee
New development of 1 unit £180.36
New development of 2-10 units £342.74
New development of 11-50 units £454.34
New development of 51-100 units £666.90
New development of 100 or more units £953.78
New postal address for an existing property £168.17
Naming a new block of flats or building £168.17
Changing a street name £1132.21
New street name £634.79
Removing a property name or alias £94.36
Extending or reducing a road boundary £96.28
Ask for historical research £175.86
Change to new address per unit (because of development after the schedule has been issued) £20.53

To register a new address you will need to contact us with the details of your new building or street.

You can also ask for historical research, including information from past registrations and research about the area to help with naming suggestions.

Register a new property or address

We normally reply within 14 days with more details on the application process and how to pay for your registration.