Polling places scheme by ward

View the Canterbury and North Thanet Parliamentary polling districts and see where you can vote.

The tables below show the Canterbury Parliamentary constituency and North Thanet (part) Parliamentary constituency polling districts and places correct as of February 2023.

The returning officer might change a venue if it becomes unavailable for use at an election.

A review of polling districts and places is taking place.

Polling stations in Canterbury

Ward Polling district Polling place (at or near)
Barton CB1/CB3 Church Hall, Church Street St Pauls, Canterbury, CT1 1NH
Barton CB2/CB8 Querns Community Centre, Querns Place, Canterbury, CT1 1PY
Barton CB4 Spring Lane Neighbourhood Centre, Sussex Avenue, Canterbury, CT1 1RT
Barton CB5 Barton Church, Barton Road, Canterbury, CT1 1YQ
Barton/Wincheap CB6/CW15 Kendall Hall, Nunnery Fields, Canterbury, CT1 3JN
Barton CB7 Polo Farm Sports Club, Littlebourne Road, Canterbury, CT3 4AF
Northgate CN1 All Saints Church, Military Road, Canterbury, CT1 1PA
Northgate CN2 Canterbury District Early Years, Poets Corner, 11A South Street, Canterbury, CT1 1EA
Northgate/St Stephen's CN3/CSS4 Riverside Youth Centre, Kingsmead Road, Canterbury, CT12 7PH
St Stephen's/Blean Forest CSS1/RBF5 Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Forty Acres Road, Canterbury, CT2 7HJ
St Stephen's CSS2 St Stephen's Church Hall, Hales Drive, Canterbury, CT2 7AB
St Stephen's CSS3 St Stephen's Community Centre, Tenterden Drive, Canterbury, CT2 7BN
Westgate CWE1/CWE4 St Peter's Methodist Church Hall, St Peter's Street, Canterbury, CT1 2BE
Westgate CWE2 St Dunstan's Church Hall, London Road, Canterbury, CT2 8LS
Westgate CWE3 Canterbury Academy, Knight Avenue, Canterbury, CT2 8QA
Westgate CWE5 Age UK Canterbury, Castle Row, Castle Street Car Park, Canterbury, CT1 2QY
Wincheap CWI1 Thanington Neighbourhood Resource Centre, Thanington Road, Canterbury, CT1 3XE
Wincheap CWI2 St Faith's Hall, 36 New House Lane, Thanington-Without, Canterbury, CT4 7BH
Wincheap CWI3/CWI4 Worthgate Scout Group HQ, 37A Heaton Road, Canterbury, CT1 3PY

Polling stations in Herne Bay

Ward Polling district Polling place (at or near)
Beltinge HB1 St Bartholomew's Church Hall, King Edward Avenue, Herne Bay, CT6 6EB
Beltinge HB2/HB4 King Edward Court, King Edward Avenue, Herne Bay, CT6 6ED
Beltinge HB3 Beltinge and Reculver Memorial Hall, Reculver Road, Herne Bay, CT6 6PL
Greenhill HGE1 Greenhill Senior Citizen's Club, Clare Drive, Greenhill, Herne Bay, CT6 7QP
Greenhill HGE2 St Peter's Church Hall, Herne Drive, Herne Bay, CT6 7SH
Heron HH1 The Retreat RC Hall, Clarence Road, Herne Bay, CT6 8TH
Heron HH2 Salvation Army, 33 Richmond Street, Herne Bay, CT6 5RH
Heron HH3/HH4 Christchurch Christian Centre, Underdown Road, Herne Bay, CT6 5BP
Heron HH5 Herne Bay Sports Hub, Parkland Road, off Braid Drive, Herne Bay, CT6 5DN
Heron HH6 The Beacon Church, 78 Sea Street, Herne Bay, CT6 8QE
Herne and Broomfield HHB1 Herne Centre, St Martins View, Herne, CT6 7AP
Herne and Broomfield HHB2 Wootton Room, adjacent to Herne Windmill, Mill Lane, Herne, CT6 7DR
Herne and Broomfield HHB3/HHB4 Broomfield United Reformed Church Hall, The Meadows, Broomfield, Herne Bay, CT6 7XB
Reculver HR1 Hoath Parish Hall, 7 Church Road, Hoath, CT3 4JR
Reculver HR2 The Chislet Centre, St Mary the Virgin Church, Church Road, Chislet, CT3 4DU
Reculver HR3 Reculver CE Primary School, Hillborough, Reculver, CT6 6TA
West Bay/Swalecliffe HWB1/WSW3 Studd Hill Community Centre, 46 Daimler Avenue, Herne Bay, CT6 8AG
West Bay HWB2 St Andrew's Church Hall, Hampton Pier Avenue, Herne Bay, CT6 8DY

Polling stations in Whitstable

Ward Polling district Polling place (at or near)
Chestfield WC1/WC2 All Saints Church Hall, Church Street, Whitstable, CT5 1PG
Chestfield WC3 Chestfield Women's Institute, 53 Chestfield Road, Whitstable, CT5 3LD
Gorrell WG1 St Andrew's Church Hall, Grimshill Road, Whitstable, CT5 4LH
Gorrell WG2/WG5 Windsor House, Belmont Road, Whitstable, CT5 1QN
Gorrell WG3 United Reformed Church Hall, Middle Wall, Whitstable, CT5 1BW
Gorrell WG4 St Peter's Church House, Cromwell Road, Whitstable, CT5 1NA
Seasalter WSE1/WSE2/WSE3 Seasalter Christian Centre, 49 Faversham Road, Seasalter, CT5 4AX
Swalecliffe WSW1 Swalecliffe and Chestfield Community Centre, St John's Road, Whitstable, CT5 2QU
Swalecliffe WSW2 Swalecliffe CP School, Bridgefield Road, Whitstable, CT5 2PH
Tankerton WT1/WT2 The Parish Social Centre, Castle Road, Tankerton, CT5 2DY

Polling stations in rural areas

Ward Polling district Polling place (at or near)
Sturry RS5/RS8 Hersden Community Centre, The Avenue, Hersden, CT3 4HL
Blean Forest RBF1 Blean Village Hall, School Lane, Blean, CT2 9JA
Blean Forest RBF2/RBF3 Darwin Conference Suite, Darwin College, Darwin Road, Canterbury, CT2 7NY
Blean Forest RBF4 Tyler Hill Memorial Hall, Summer Lane, Tyler Hill, CT2 9NJ
Blean Forest RBF6 Rough Common Village Hall, Rough Common, Canterbury, CT2 9BS
Chartham and Stone Street RCS1 Chartham Village Hall, Station Road, Chartham, CT4 7JA
Chartham and Stone Street RCS2 Chartham Sports Club, Beech Avenue, Chartham, CT4 7TA
Chartham and Stone Street RCS3 Petham Village Hall, Church Lane, Petham, CT4 5RD
Chartham and Stone Street RCS4 Waltham Village Hall, Richdore Road, Waltham, Canterbury, CT4 5SH
Chartham and Stone Street RCS5 Lower Hardres and Nackington Village Hall, Lower Hardres, CT4 5NP
Chartham and Stone Street RCS6 Bossingham Village Hall, The Street, Bossingham, CT4 6DX
Chartham and Stone Street RCS7 Chartham Hatch Village Hall, Bigbury Road, Chartham Hatch, CT4 7NH
Chartham and Stone Street RCS8 Harbledown Church Hall, Harbledown, CT2 8NW
Nailbourne RN1 Bridge Village Hall, 28 High Street, Bridge, CT4 5JZ
Nailbourne RN2 Bishopsbourne Village Hall, The Street, Bishopsbourne, CT4 5HT
Nailbourne RN3 Kingston Village Hall, 25 The Street, Kingston, CT4 6JB
Nailbourne RN4 Barham Village Hall, Valley Road, Barham, CT4 6NX
Nailbourne RN5 Two Sawyers, Woolage Green, CT4 6SE
Sturry RS1 Broad Oak Village Hall, Shalloak Road, Broad Oak, CT2 0QH
Sturry RS2/RS3 Sturry Scout HQ, Park View, Sturry, CT2 0NW
Sturry RS4 Sturry Social Centre, Mill Road, Sturry, CT2 0AN
Sturry RS6 The Old School Room, School Lane, Fordwich, CT2 0DJ
Sturry RS7 Westbere Village Hall, Church Lane, Westbere, CT2 0HA
Little Stour and Adisham RSA1 War Memorial Hall, 56 High Street, Littlebourne, CT3 1ST
Little Stour and Adisham RSA2 Wickhambreaux Parish Hall, The Street, Wickhambreaux, CT3 1RJ
Little Stour and Adisham RSA3 Ickham Village Hall, School Lane, Ickham, CT3 1QU
Little Stour and Adisham RSA4 Adisham Village Hall, 54 The Street, Adisham, CT3 3JW
Little Stour and Adisham  RS45/RSA6 Bekesbourne Village Hall, Station Road, Bekesbourne, CT4 5EP