Putting the wrong waste in your bins

See what you need to do with your waste if it's contaminated.

If you put the wrong waste in your bins, or there is food, oil, or grease left on the items, this is called ‘contamination’ and our crew will put a paper hanger on your bin or box letting you know they can't collect it.

Common items that contaminate bins include:

  • food waste left in packaging - the food should be cleaned off
  • paper and card - this must go in your red bin or box
  • batteries - these can’t go in any household bin as they can explode and start a fire in the bin lorry; they must be taken to your local supermarket or major electrical shop
  • nappies, plastic bag and film, coffee cups, and cartons and Tetra Paks - these must go in your black bin or purple sacks

If you’re not sure what item should go where, you can check what goes in your bins or boxes.

You must remove the wrong waste or clean the items so we can empty it on your next collection day. If you don’t want to wait until your next collection day, you can take your waste to your nearest tip or recycling centre.

What happens when your waste is contaminated

Contamination of just one bin or box can mean we have to reject a whole waste collection round. When this happens, the waste has to be burnt instead.

We might also have to pay a fine that would mean less money to spend on council services.