Levelling Up project strands

Details of project work, timescales, and artists' impressions of what the city will look like.

The funding we've been given can only be used for the project work set out in our Levelling Up application. The work we do will be closely monitored to make sure that the money is spent on the things we said it would be.

Our three Connected Canterbury: Unlocking the Tales of England project strands are:

  • Transforming heritage assets and spaces - we will protect and repair historic and underused sites in the city.
  • Creating a green arrival experience - we will improve areas visitors see when they arrive in our city, as well as upgrading spaces like the bus station to include electric vehicle charging and cycle hire.
  • Connecting our heritage - we will create 'story gardens' that use innovative technology to tell the story of Canterbury as part of England's history. New trails and cycling routes will be signposted to connect people to our heritage sites.

All of the project work will take place over the next two years and should be finished by the summer of 2025.

We'll promote what's happening at each stage so that you can have your say on Levelling Up.

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Project work timescales

Work that happened in 2023

 St George’s Street improvements

We've replaced the old paving slabs, added new planters and benches, and upgraded the street lighting. 

One area has been finished with temporary paving, which will be replaced later.

Riverside area improvements 

We've upgraded the existing cycle way. 

Installing electric vehicle chargers

We installed 12 chargers across the city to support greener transport.

Canterbury Castle preparation

We carried out surveys on future work that will include improved access, landscaping and preservation of the site. We put up scaffolding to support this.

Poor Priests’ Hospital (Marlowe Kit) preparation

We started the roof repairs to protect the building for future use.

Poor Priests Hospital

Poor Priests' Hospital

Master plans completed for Dane John Gardens, St Mary de Castro and Greyfriars Gardens 

We'll publish full plans for three gardens in the city.

Detailed designs for city routes, story gardens, the squares at Westgate and St George's, car parks and the bus station

We'll publish full plans for the story gardens and the arrival squares as well as car park and bus station improvements.

Work happening in 2024

Highways and city route improvements

Creating heritage routes around the city, including new planters, better surfacing, lighting and signs.

Work starts on Dane John Gardens and story gardens 

Improvements to Dane John and the first stage of creating the innovative story gardens.

Bus station and car park improvements finished

More electric vehicle chargers installed, docking for bikes, improved visitor information and better passenger waiting areas.

Work starts on Westgate Square and St George's Square area

Creating a space near the Westgate Towers for occasional events and upgrading St George’s Square.

Poor Priests’ Hospital (Marlowe Kit) finished

Work finished on restoring the building's roof.

Canterbury Castle preservation work finished

Work finished including installing CCTV, improving access to the castle and grounds, and opening it up to visitors.

Canterbury Castle

Canterbury Castle

Final permissions for all project work in place

Permission given for all project work from authorities such as Historic England and Kent Highways.

Planning of launch events and promotional activities

We'll publish our plans for the big launch, including activities you can come along to or get involved with.

Work happening in 2025

 Westgate and St George's Square finished

Work finished on the event space and St George's Square.

Dane John Gardens finished

Work finished on improvements to the gardens.

Dane John Gardens and city wall

Dane John Mound

Installing signs and route maps

New signs and route maps across the city, connecting people to Canterbury's heritage.

Installing CCTV and technology

Installing new CCTV across the city to keep everyone safe. Installing the technology that will be used in the story gardens.

Launch of new cycle hire scheme 

Visitors and residents can hire a bike and go green to explore the city.

Launch of city routes and story gardens  

Learn about Canterbury's Tales of England with our innovative storytelling.