Repairs and maintenance in council homes

Report a repair

Some repairs and maintenance are your responsibility. Check who is responsible for the repair before reporting it.

You can use the form below to report:

  • general household or communal area repairs to Mears
  • gas, water or electricity problems to Gas Call

Report a repair

Repair times

The government introduced a 'right to repair' scheme to make sure council tenants can get certain repairs completed quickly and easily. It sets time limits, which we must stick to. 

If our contractors don't do the work in the time given, you can ask us to hire someone else. If the repairs still aren't done, you may be able to claim compensation. This will be £10 plus £2 for every day the work is over the time limit, up to a maximum of £50.

Mears aim to fix to emergency repairs within four hours, urgent repairs within 24 hours and routine repairs within 16 days.

Gas Call Services aim to fix emergency repairs within 12 hours (four hours in winter months), urgent repairs within three days and routine repairs within seven days.