Report a council house repair

See who to report a household repair to.

Some repairs and maintenance are your responsibility. Check who is responsible for the repair before reporting it.

Gas or central heating repairs 

For problems with your gas or central heating you can register for a customer account with Swale Heating and book a repair online or call them on 0800 987 4033.

If the problem is in a communal boiler room you can report it to Thermoserv using our repair form or call them directly on 020 8681 7330.

Water, electricity or general household repairs

For any general household or shared area repairs, water or electricity problems, you can report them using our online form.

Report a repair

Please make sure you tell us anything we need to know for when our repair staff visit - like that you can't hear very well or need extra time to answer the door.

Anyone that carries out a repair at your home will have an ID card so ask them for it if you're not sure who they are.

Right to repair scheme

The government introduced a 'right to repair' scheme to make sure council tenants can get some repairs completed quickly and easily.

It sets time limits which we must stick to. If our contractors don't do the work in the times given, you can ask us to hire someone else.

If the repairs still aren't done after that, you might be able to claim compensation. This is £10 plus £2 for each day the work is over the time limit, up to a maximum of £50.