Sell your beach hut

Find out how you sell your beach hut to someone else or market it with us.

If you want to sell or have sold your beach hut you'll need to ask us for permission to transfer your tenancy to a new owner.

You should read the beach hut transfer process before starting the form.

Assign a beach hut tenancy to someone else

When you've requested a change, we'll contact you with next steps, including a form for the proposed new tenant(s) to complete.

Market your beach hut with us

We can help you to market your beach hut with us.

Our service gives you direct access to everyone who is on our beach hut interest list.  For a competitive fee, we can market your beach hut, providing an efficient, simple and flexible service.

If you have any questions about the service we provide, please call us on 01227 266 719. We can discuss and confirm any particular requirements you may have for the process of marketing your hut.