Apply for a street trading licence

Find out how to apply for a permanent or temporary street trading licence.

If you want to sell goods in Canterbury high street, you must have a street trading licence. A licence gives permission for a certain pitch and restricts the days and times you can sell.

If you want to prepare or sell food you will also need to submit a food hygiene form.

Permanent licences

A permanent licence application costs £126.21. 

If your licence is approved, you will also be asked to pay a pitch fee of £18.92 (standard pitch) and £31.63 (prime pitch) per day.

As part of the application pack you'll need to complete a terms and conditions form and declaration of convictions.

A licence is valid for one year and you need to renew it every year.

Temporary licences

If you want to promote a business, charity, or event you can apply for a temporary street trading licence.

A temporary licence is valid for up to seven days and costs the daily pitch fee of either £18.92 or £31.63, plus an admin fee of £12.62.

You can download and complete an application form for a temporary street trading licence: