Corporate Plan key priorities

See our key Corporate Plan priorities for the next three years.

We are determined to drive real and noticeable improvements in our core services while we deliver on our key priorities. This will be at the heart of what we do for the remaining term of this council.

There is no doubt resources will remain under intense pressure for years to come so, when the inevitable choices have to be made, these priorities will take precedence.

We will always look at the evidence to see if there is a compelling cultural, heritage, environmental or market-failure reason to justify us investing council taxpayers’ money.

We will ensure the services residents really care about represent value for money while we build the foundation for the district’s economy to recover from the current crisis then grow and flourish.

Sustainability, our commitment to the environment and our determination to be carbon-neutral will be the golden thread that runs through all of our priorities and some of these are detailed in our Climate Change Action Plan.

Our four main priorities will be:

To support the district's economy to recover then grow

We will create a pro-business district that supports enterprise and innovation in order to drive economic development through our policies, by the use of our extensive assets and the use of technology alongside our commitment to sustainability and the environment.

To deliver a better social housing service for our tenants

We will create a housing service that is as well funded as possible so that we can provide the services tenants need, when they need them. We will also use every way we can to buy, build and maintain a stock of quality homes.

To deliver better waste collection services for all residents

Poor performance in this area has been an issue for years. Now is the time to deliver refuse collection and environmental services worthy of our residents. We aim to deliver a significant improvement in service over 2020/21 levels by the end of the 2019 to 2023 council.

To use our enforcement powers to protect the district

We will redouble our efforts to use our enforcement powers to take action against those who break the rules and affect the quality of life enjoyed by everyone else.

The rule breakers should be the ones expected to pay for this work wherever possible.