Report a missed bin

If we've recently completed collections in your street but missed your bin, you'll be able to report it. You must let us know about a missed bin by midnight on the day after your collection date.

Before you can report a missed bin, we'll check your address to see the status of your collection.

You can't report your bin as missed if:

  • your waste was put into the wrong bin
  • your bin was not in the right place for collection
  • you have put black sacks out
  • you have put cardboard out larger than 60cm square
  • your bin was too heavy or damaged
  • your bin was not left out by 6am on your collection day
  • it's too late to report it - you must let us know by midnight on the day after your collection date

If none of the above applies please report it as a missed collection.

Report a missed bin