Our budget and service costs

A summary of our budget for the year and how much services cost to run.

Each financial year we work out spending and income based on our aims, priorities and resources, and use this to set our budget. The remaining balance is funded by a grant from government and a percentage of council tax.

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The net budget requirement for 2023/24 is estimated at £20,722,000 an increase of £1,917,000 (10%), on last year’s budget. 68% will be funded by NNDR and government grants as shown in the budget summary table.

The council has achieved a balanced budget, whilst ensuring council tax rises are kept to a minimum.

Income and expenditure summary
  Gross expenditure Total income Net cost 23/24 Net cost 22/23
General fund £105,140,000 (£84,418,000) £20,722,000 £18,805,000
Housing revenue account £28,513,000 (£28,674,000) (£250,000) £920,000