Organising a public event

Apply to run an event

Because of the COVID-19 restrictions, we're reviewing submitted event proposals against venue availability.

If you do want to talk about an event idea, please contact the events team before submitting an application, as we might not be able to hold more events this year.

Apply to run an event

We'll review your full application along with the Safety Advisory Group (SAG), which includes local stakeholders such as the police and the county council.

For an additional site booking fee you can apply to use one of our public event sites for your event.

Application fees and timetable

The cost of the fee and the length of notice period needed depends on the type and size of your event:

Type of eventMaximum attendees at onceAdministration feeApplications must be made:
CommercialLess than 500£25.75Six weeks in advance
 Between 500 and 1,999£309Four months in advance
 Between 2,000 and 4,999£618Six months in advance
 More than 5,000£1,236One year in advance
Charity or communityLess than 500£20.60As above
 Between 500 and 1,999£154.50As above
 Between 2,000 and 4,999£257.50As above
 More than 5,000£515As above

Events that are on our public event spaces also pay a site fee of £103 a day for community and charity events, or £618 a day for commercial events.

What you need to apply

All public events must have Public Liability Insurance covering at least £5 million. You can upload evidence of this when you make your application.

If your event will involve more than 500 attendees or risky activities you'll also need to provide an event management plan and a risk assessment. Uploading these when you apply will speed up your application.